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Made by Buck

Hello, my name is Jim Buck, I am a graphic designer- to keep things simple.

Over the last 10+ years I have been following the path and learning the process of anything

I feel the need to create. Stemming from the roots of skateboarding and BMX that lead me to my love of photography, video editing, and logo design. Through the twist and turns of life I ended up getting my first real order ironically from a bike shop which helped me come up with my first screen printing, vinyl cutting, and heat press business, “Big Buck Prints & Designs". This is where I expanded my knowledge of design and problem solving. Over those years I kept learning and creating new ideas which lead me to drawing, mural painting, and airbrushing. Soon after learning how to airbrush I began to paint custom shoes and designed a website for clients to order under the Big Buck Prints brand. Although we’ve rebranded over the years, all of these skills are still used today in the creation of every single piece that I produce.

Leading up to the pandemic my creative took a hit and I needed to take a step back to find the passion again. To do that I started to teach myself the process of shoe making to see if I could learn a completely new trade by myself. Being self taught, my first few pairs were not what I expected but I kept pushing until I was proud of my product. It was through the ups and downs that I found what I was looking for: determination, perseverance, and resilience.


Present day I have launched Made by Buck, a brand that will be the umbrella for any and every creation for the rest of my artistic life. In the coming years I have a few brands that I will be launching as well as collaborating with brands and like minded creatives to push innovation and creativity to the absolute limit. The overall goal of Made by Buck is to produce quality and meaningful products that give a classic nostalgic feeling all while remaining timeless for years to come.

Thanks for Everything,
Jim Buck

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