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"Clouded Vision" Made by Buck Jordan 1 Low

"Clouded Vision" Made by Buck Jordan 1 Low

A custom handmade Nike Jordan 1 Low Made by Buck


This pair is a sequel to "Rainy Daze" featuring 2 tones of tumbled grey leather and a tumbled white leather. The white and grey leather combined can be compared to the highlights and shadows of a cloud. The red accents on the outsole, tongue tags, and Swoosh tags are to represent stress behind bloodshot eyes during unexpected changes.

The significance of this pair is about pushing through when the path isn't clear. Knowing there is always a reason to keep going even when you lose sight of the end goal. Clouded Vision is a reminder that you dont always need to know what you're working towards in order to work for it.


(This is a 1 of 1 handmade art piece not in collaboration or associated with Nike in any way)


Made in USA. Using Authentic Nike Soles.

Price includes shoes and design.



Please message us with any questions.


Thank you for supporting!


Jim Buck





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