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"Outta Here" Dunk Low Handmade Sample

"Outta Here" Dunk Low Handmade Sample

This pair features 2 tones of oil tanned leather, a deep maroon leather, and a light cream tumbled leather added to a subtle color blocking. With baseball stitches across the heel, "Buck" branded in nostalgic Phillies font, and our custom Liberty Umbrella logo embossed on the tongue tags for some added Philly flare.

The name "Outta Here" originates from the legendary Philadelphia Phillies annnouncer Harry Kalas. His voice would be ringing through the house during baseball season calling homeruns with his famous tag line, "Outta Here". Being lifelong Philadelphia sports fans, my dad and I prefer the old school branding and uniforms. Taking inspiration from back then with the maroon Swoosh, outsole, and liner to match their old jerseys. A light cream tumbled leather with a slight yellow tint is used to emulate the bases on the field. The light oil tanned leather is meant to match an old Wilson glove that my dad would use when I was younger. While the darker leather across the heel of the shoe is to represent my glove from my Little League days. The baseball stitched under the "Buck" branded heel tab is being held by both gloves representing a catch between father and son.


(This is a 1 of 1 handmade art piece not in collaboration or associated with Nike or the Philadelphia Phillies in any way)


Made in USA. Using Authentic Nike Soles.

Price includes shoes and design.



This deal is only for handmade Dunk Lows.  If you have specific shoe you would like send an email with your idea and a brief description to


Please message us with any questions.


Thank you for supporting!


Jim Buck





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